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Choreography as affective and collective event

Choreography as affective and collective event
Ingri Midgaard Fiksdal

Norwegian Artistic Fellowship Programme
Start: 2013

Project summary
The focus of this research project is to explore choreography as a collective and affective event through the development of specific choreographic structures and strategies. My artistic aim is to create events that produce potential for new experiences, thoughts and ideas to occur. This aim is founded in a belief in art as a motor for change, through taking the role as “utterly useless” in a society where most other things have a given and known purpose. When confronted with something that doesn’t perform as expected or resists classification we have to look for new approaches, and in these moments of liminality there is potential for the unpredictable and unforeseen to occur.

My research will draw on four contested concepts in art and philosophy; the affective, the event, the collective and the role of the audience. I refer to these as the project’s thematic legacies. I aspire to contribute to the development of the field of choreography by building on, adding to and finding new connections between these concepts through my work.

My research questions are:

• How can particular choreographic structures and strategies make the events produced in this research collective and affective?
• In what ways can these events create potential for new experiences, thoughts and ideas to occur amongst audience and performers?

These questions will be explored through the development of a project-specific choreographic methodology, which combines theory and practise. The methodology includes the production of three large-scale choreographic events informed by research into the project’s thematic legacies and continuous critical reflection.

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