Alone Together

Alone Together.
Siting choreography in the landscape

Students on the master course in choreography are launching ALONE TOGETHER – a web based presentation of choreographic research in the littoral zone in the centre of Oslo!

Through the four-week workshop ‘Siting choreography in the landscape’, the students have been working with these questions:

What insights of choreography in everyday life may be garnered through gaze and conversation when moving through littoral landscapes? What kinds of choreographic situations can be made when responding to this question on an everyday basis? How may these choreographic situations emerge, be practiced and conveyed to audiences?

Through their research the students have been working with the premise that their audiences and performers are anyone passing through or happening to occupy public sites. To underline this performer/spectator-relationship, the students have decided to use internet as platform for presenting the work.

Participants: Master students studying choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts: Karen Eide Bøen, Roza Moshtaghi, Shi Pratt, Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Kristian Støvind and Bente Alice Westgård.
Course leader: Amanda Steggell
Guest teachers: Per Platou and Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe.

Many thanks to Kystlaget Viken and The Maritime Cultural Heritage Centre who have helped out and hosted our course.

CLICK HERE to see Siting choreography in the landscape: ALONE TOGETHER