Stay whit me

Shed 28 is surrounded with many people passingby between a huge stonewall and ocean , these are framed by the windows on my left and right side. People walking along this path create a pattern, which consequently and naturally grabs my attention at first and then creates the comfort of familiarity.Sometimes they look at me and smile, some fix their hair and some make a strange face as if they are in front of a mirror.Days pass by and they feel more than ever familiar to me and I allow myself to go out, take advantage and ask;can I borrow your shadow for 5 second ?
It seems they don’t remember me.
 That´s mean, the same way as strangers are mean, not remembering me.
 Or they are scared since in greek, “shadow” was one of the metaphors for the psyche, the soul. A dead person’s soul was compared to a shadow, and Hades was the land of shadows, the land of death.


 A choreographic task

Try this alone and with a partner. It is not a bad idea to repeat this exercise five times in one day. You may find out that the answers change and that most time they will, in some respect, surprise you.

For this exercise you need to go out of your room in a sunny day with your water bottle, find an asphalt surface. When you arrive, you have only one thing to deal with, your own shadow. Use the bottle to draw a line around your shadow with water (avoid changing the shape of your shadow).
When you get comfortable with this, start to draw each other’s shadow (in case of not having a partner; ask people passing by).

Here you can see some documentation from my praxis

drawing other's shadow



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