Exhibiting Choreography

Speaking&building-bildeExhibiting Choreography – exploring transmission across disciplines and discourses
Eva Cecilie Richardsen

Norwegian Artistic Fellowship Programme
Start: 2011
Completion: 2016

Project summary
The project has evolved from questions on how to translate modes of production and display from one artistic domain into another in order to break with the divisive split between dance and visual art. Through its interdisciplinary approach, by mirroring the execution of time, form and conditions of an exhibition – the project invites us to look at the possibility of new beginnings, not as the right solution, but as a part of the process. The object is to renegotiate the potentiality of the performance as event and art object. Looking at choreography through the lens of visual art has been a strategy with an aim to propose a different way of approaching – another way of knowing – that is not about the work itself, but about the ramification of things.