I wanted to do something specific in the space. I wanted to create something, document something and finding tools. I worked inside the yellow cocoon again, because it is not everyday you can be in a yellow space of concrete where even the curtains are yellow and round as well. I played with the eyes in the ceiling and the rods with hooks on each end.


The rods in steel are 60 cm long and the rods in plastic are half the size. The plastic ones are in green, pink and black. First I tried to put all of them, 14 in steel and 14 in plastic, inside the yellow room in some kind of construction, hanging them up in the six eyes in the ceiling. Then after some consultation I hung only the steel ones inside the cocoon. This gave some more space and acoustic. I could see more clearly how they infected each other and the space. I tried to be outside the cocoon while I build and changed the rods and the space. The choreography was simply to test the possibilities in making connections, breaking and making new connections.  Paying attention to the sound the rods made when they hit each other, or when they fell apart and hit the floor. Paying attention to what shape they made; clusters, triangle, square. To see and change them from different angles and see if only changing one rod could infect all the others, set them in motion, or make them swing. I love when they can swing like a hammock construction, and to see how this work gave me something to attend to, paying less attention to everything else quite disturbing in being a body.

Thread of coat hangers

Then I made one long connections with the plastic roods stretching from the cocoon to the other rooms. It was funny to test these possibilities and to feel I had to take some risks where the thread of rods could easily fall apart. The last time I ended up with too few roods, but luckily I found some coat hangers to fasten the thread of rods into the bathroom.

Amanda gave me this great sentence: Awareness – attention- action.

I take with me these tools from this day: analysing my own awareness through the glossary of Arakawa and Gins. Naming my attention, understanding more of what I do/ want to do through naming or recognising it as an immediate or imaginary landing site. Understanding how to work with the dimentional site where my attention comes into action.