A floor safari

Hello earth. Today we have been looking at floors. Strange? Perhaps, but in the Lofts there are different cards with tasks written by Arakawa and Gins. One of these are “Use the floor to chart the intricate set of actions by which you succeed time and again in regaining your balance”.  Difficult task, indeed- and here are some thoughts.



The floor is made of sand, tiny stones and concrete. Almost like a sand dune with tiny bumps and small uneven hills. Walking on this surface stimulates both the imaginary and immediate perceptions and is in this sense, combining both the body and the mind. Because this room is taken out of its original context, and placed inside a flat it plays with what is authentic or not, and therefore allows for another experience. A somewhat subjective experience. And one question could be; does different culture background have an impact on how one perceive the diverse surfaces in the Loft? How would for example a “urban Tokyo hipster “experience it differently to a “Norwegian hiking enthusiast”?

This space is unique. Because it has got three totally different surfaces. There are size of the different surfaces varies, so does the temperture. The stones are cold.  It is easy to switch for one to another and therefore it can rapidly change how one is moving. Ex jumping up and down is not the same on a wooden floor as on the rocks. The wooden surface, especially provoke an “known” feeling of being home in the living room. Nice and cosy, christmas-celebrations,  dancing with woolen (and slippery) socks. The rocks projects a beach. By projecting through the feet, it creates an imaginary wold of fresh air, seagulls, the ocean and bad weather clouds in the horizon. However the sounds you actually hear are traffic from the street. Interesting combination!



Basically, this room do not contain any floor, walls or ceiling. Or another way to put it; all is united in a circular shape. And this creates perhaps a dimension of eternity.There are no difference in material and you are generally tempted to climb the walls, WITHOUT having to deal with gravity. Moving here is a challenge. The movement is distinguished by having control and being out of control.  Everything from laying down in fetal position- or running around like hamster in a wheel.



This room is (not) made for walking… Having to research the floor in this site, was rather intimidating. Hmmm.. Yes.



This floor was accidentally covered with pillows, madrases, carpets, when we cleaned the flat. Instead of ignoring the “messy room” we  decided to include this in our research. Surprisingly this floor is the only space that really invites the whole body. Emidiately one wants to lay down in its fun, soft, airy surface. There is also a sense of resistance, when moving about amongst all the pillows. Actually quite a work out! Otherwise a relaxing and comfortable space.

Heidi and AK