Liquid Color by Eye of Tree

Image of last travelling from Lillehammer to Oslo. Research between two places. Photo by Katarina Skår Lisa

Liquid Color

Searching for spring flower

life between worlds


Eye of Tree

Kyuja Bae and Katarina Skår Lisa

small poems and a letter as reflections of processes

Amphibious triologies fieldworkshop Lillehammer 2018

with thanks to Amanda Steggell, Brynjår Åbel Bandlien, Hans- Jørgen Wallin Weihe,Per Roar Thorsnes

Thomas Talawa Prestø, Otto Ramstad,

Maihaugen and Lillehammer museum

Week 1 – Looking for sacred spaces. 

Reflections and depth. To stand with the feet towards each other.”

Researching at Maihaugen Museum

  • What makes a space sacred?

  • What makes a person sacred?

  • What makes a thing sacred? Reflections upon Sáivu and Sieidi.

” One day I dream that Nature will be treated as Sacred.”- Treesisters organization. 

We dream so too.

Photos By Katarina Skår Lisa
Photo by Katarina Skår Lisa

Liquid color faces

A purple flower

that bloomed on your ocean face once

in the early spring,

while the snow was still slowly melting

in the garden of the proffesor from North wind

is found on my sky face today.

By Kyuja Bae

Photo by Kyuja Bae
Photo by Katarina Skår Lisa
Photo by Kyuja Bae



Searching for spring flower

touching the earth,

a language

layers upon layers upon layers

words in waves of

floating islands in a landscape




standing on top of the

ice melting

within the circular time- passage

standing here I observe

only what I can observe

it is already whole, what presence, which presence

shines in the landscape

between the life and the beginning

the last breath of returning

to the liquid color

of a flowers home

the arrival of spring appears from the past

a shadow play in soil and water and

the fog is dancing on top

the sun resting as father above

patterns visible as drawings

a pond covered by winter


By Katarina Skår Lisa

Photos by Katarina Skår Lisa

Week 2 – Ocean face

Research: Blooming flowers on the sky-ocean face in the garden of Hans- Jørgen Wallin Weihe.


Drawings of Sky- Ocean Face by Kyuja Bae

Photo by Katarina Skår Lisa

Week 3 – Liquid color

Photo by Brynjar Åbel Bandlien

Short video (Raw material) of a dance/ video collaboration with cinematographer Vegard Landsverk and exploration of liquid color

                                     Research night presentation in Lillehammer. Photos by Kyuja Bae

Photos by Katarina Skår Lisa