First impressions of Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka


In the beginning the Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA provoked me. Of all the colors, shapes and structures in the apartment – which one would get me to be more creative? Be younger?  Be Better?

My first impressions of Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka was a different feeling than the feeling I have now. At first, the strong color-contrasts and peculiar shapes of the rooms were provocative to me. Why I do not know. Maybe I will have an answer in a few days. I felt dizzy, was this the effect of jetlag or the really strong colors? I hunted for comfort.

Three days have gone by and I’m not dizzy anymore. At first it was uncomfortable. The structure, shapes etc. It’s strange what color can do to you and your focus. Now I have accepted and become more familiar with the place the unfamiliar colors, I have made the space “mine” using little things like hanging up clothes and my visible toothbrush at the sink. I lay tracks after me. Or was it for me? I have learned to see where in the room I want to see and I’m starting to think that I am becoming a super hero that has the power of choosing where I want to hold my focus… I am now taking in what I want to include. I take this tool with me when I trudge around in Tokyo, tools I can take with me back to Oslo…. Something that I can keep working on, getting even better at it. Comfort is found. It has given me a taste for more and now….  I will hunt for more tools.

– traces of me, clothes, my dresses my, my toothbrush…