Into the woods


I am outside the door. The floor is cold. There are sounds everywhere. Both near and distant. Birds integrate with the humming traffic, both of which are playing with the speed of sound. Slowing down and stopping, starting and moving again. A crow is surprisingly cutting through space as if its looking for action. It draws my attention and make me smile. Then I go towards the door, and stand in front of it. I “knock-knock-knock” in the most stereotypical way. I open the door, close my eyes and enter the space.

“WOW! Hello space. You have changed since the last time I saw you”.
I have completely lost my orientation! The bumpy floor has now become a steep hill. I struggle to keep my balance and get a bizarre sensation of climbing downhill from a mountain. Yet I know I am inside a room! The structure of sand on the floor, contains millions of details. And only a very few I am able to grasp. As I slowly carry on my “hike”, I meet all sorts of textiles, sharp edges, wires, poles, cold and warm surfaces (which in fact turned out to be my computer- haha), fake fur, patterns. All objects of which I in this space, with my eyes closed, somehow see as the “nature of things”. I am in the woods.