Island 1. Video 5 & 6.

Amphibious Trilogies, Field work

Island 1, Thymaina Island, Fourni, Greece, Sep 2016
Amanda Steggell, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien


Island ∼ Island. Probing the surround Isadorably

Island ∼ Island. The talking tree

Mixed methods for probing unfamiliar surroundings in a 360° manner

  • Modern dance. ‘Isadorables’
    – originating from Isadora Duncan’s dance troupe
  • Moving gaze and conversation
  • Documentation: Hand-held, iPhone 6+


Location data

Thymaina is a small Greek island in the Ikaria regional unit, in the eastern Aegean Sea. Thymaina is located just west of Fournoi Korseon and is administratively a part of its municipality – Wikipedia

Area: 10 km²
Area code: 22750
Administrative region: North Aegean