Seminarium #2

From 29-30 January 2014 the Academy of Dance opens its doors for Seminarium#2, Art and Dance, body and movement, a two-day open seminar organised by Dansedyrkene in co-operation with the Acadmey of Dance and  Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

The aim is to create an artistic space where participants discuss and highlight how dance and movement are brought into play in time and epoch; how they both emerge from-  and enter traditions.

Presenters include; MA choreography students Anne Kathrine Fallmyr and Heidi Jessen, Kari Anne Bjerkestrand, Mia Habib, Lisa Nøttseter, Marie Bergby Handeland, Anne-Linn Akselsen, Venke 
Sortland, Ina 
 Kjølmoen and 
Hanna Gjermundrød, Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog and Astrid Groseth, and Elizabeth Svarstad.

Plenum conversations led by Anette Therese Pettersen og Hild Borchgrevink follow the artists’ presentations. The language for the seminar is Norwegian.