Liquid Color by Eye of Tree

Image of last travelling from Lillehammer to Oslo. Research between two places. Photo by Katarina Skår Lisa

Liquid Color

Searching for spring flower

life between worlds


Eye of Tree

Kyuja Bae and Katarina Skår Lisa

small poems and a letter as reflections of processes

Amphibious triologies fieldworkshop Lillehammer 2018

with thanks to Amanda Steggell, Brynjår Åbel Bandlien, Hans- Jørgen Wallin Weihe,Per Roar Thorsnes

Thomas Talawa Prestø, Otto Ramstad,

Maihaugen and Lillehammer museum

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Traces of Water- by Thomas Prestø

My investigation into Amphibious Trilogies was carried out over three geographical sites and in a very different setting. The first part was carried out at Toubab Diallo at the Ecole des Sables, Senegal. It was a fantastic and deeply rooted experience. A literal return to one’s roots. 52 practitioners of Africanist dance gathered to learn from master dancers and master drummers, plus exchange knowledge about various diaspora retentions. It was deeply grounding, deeply spiritual and deeply unifying.

The school is rooted in African movement tradition and hence has a sand studio as well as a studio with western dance floors.

The entire event, like most African events that draw on tradition, started with a libation ceremony. Libation is the offering of water and or alcohol to the ancestors for their blessing (simplified explanation) and is considered the worlds oldest ritual.

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Date and time: 04.05 2018, 11.30 -14.30 hrs
Location: Maihaugen Open Air Museum, Lillehammer, Norway.
Meeting Point: Bjerkbæk, Sigrid Undset’s Home. Sigrid Undsetsveg 16E, 2615 Lillehammer

The students of the Master course of Choreography, Oslo National Academy of Arts; Academy of Dance (KHiO), invite you to SENSITIVE CHAOS – a presentation of the workshop Amphibious Moves. Choreographies of littoral landscape. Together we will circumnavigate the ponds of the museum, stopping on the way to experience three fieldworks in the making. Read More

Amphibious Trilogies @ Samos Volunteers

High stakes

Throughout April 2017 a team from Amphibious Trilogies will work with Samos Volunteers, an independent group who mainly organise activities for refugee shelters on the Greek Island of Samos, close to Turkey. We have been there once before, in August 2016. We anticipate a changed situation. We are wary. We are glad that our skills may be of some help.

Ingri Fiksdal: Lecture On methods

Time: 8th December 2015, 19.30 hrs
Place: Dramatikenshus, Oslo

Ingri Fiksdal will hold a lecture on methods as part of Dramatikens Hus, Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP), Oslo. This lecture is part of NCNP’s seminar programme where stage artists are invited to talk about a topic they’re interested in.

She has invited the following guests to join her: Dancer, choreograph and writer Venke Sortland, research fellow at the Academy of Art Jesper Alvær, and MA choreography students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts: Karen Eide Bøen, Roza Moshtaghi, Shi Pratt, Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Kristian Støvind og Bente Alice Westgård.

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Time: Thursday 10th December, 17.00 hrs
Duration: App. 1.5 hrs
Place: Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Stage 5

choreographersOn Thursday 10th December choreography students will present work developed in connection with a three-week workshop on choreographic methods. On the one hand the workshop sought to articulate what it is a choreographer does when doing what one does, and on the other to develop methods for future works. We have worked on articulating methods both as a tool for clarifying existing ways of working, and at the same as something that can be applied prescriptively to change or develop one’s own work.

By and with: Karen Eide Bøen, Roza Moshtaghi, Shi Pratt, Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Kristian Støvind and Bente Alice Westgård.


The workshop was part of a five week course ‘Atmosphere – let’s put it to the stage!’
Course leader: Amanda Steggell
Guest teachers: Bojana Cvejić and Ingri Fiksdal

Via various approaches the course addressed the shifting contexts of choreography today. Combining practical and theoretic activities while encountering various choreographic processes, practices and thinking, it aimed to critically explore the atmosphere of one’s own choreographic enquiry. Furthermore the course introduced issues of artistic research from a choreographic perspective (from within and beyond the ‘institutional’ sphere) and possible modes of conveying enquiry to a public.


We Bleed the Same Color

Shi Pratt (MA choreography) holds a free performance of We Bleed the Same Color

Date/time: 1-2  December 2015, 17.00 hrs
Duration: 30 min
Place: Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Stage 4
Everyone is welcome.

Romeo Chandiposha.IMG_1867_webNY

We Bleed the Same Color sets the viewer wandering between references to body, relationships, power, and the beauty of having a spiritual or physical companion.

Two women move freely about a masculine space, playing with the ever morphing relationships between them. They continuously search for meaning and belonging, looking for symmetry and attachment in the other. Their search for trust is exposed in a series of images of inherent familiarity and attempted adaption.

By: Karlsen Pratt
Choreography: Shi Pratt
Dance: Zofia Jakubiec and Elisabeth Holth
Light design: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
Costume: Shi Pratt og Zofia Jakubiec
Music design: Kashi Katt
Music: Kashi Katt, Mum, Mugison, Bjork, Funkstorung, Valley of the Sun.

Karlsen Pratt
Shi Pratt