Mind, the gap

MTG_TAKASHIMind, the gap. Synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice
Amanda Steggell 2015

Research exposition commissioned by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Published in Research Catalogue – an international database for artistic research

About this exposition
Misuse can mean the crossing of wires, both literally or figuratively. “Mind, the Gap” (2005-07) is a practice-based research project dedicated to the development of collaborative, interdisciplinary, performative live artworks that are influenced by the notion of synaesthesia – the cross wiring of sensory perceptions. It was conducted within the framework of the Norwegian Artistic Fellowship Programme (previously called the National Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts). The documentation of the project has been reconfigured for the purposes of the Research Catalogue. Apart from some small adjustments, the content remains the same as it was in 2007.