Traces of Water- by Thomas Prestø

My investigation into Amphibious Trilogies was carried out over three geographical sites and in a very different setting. The first part was carried out at Toubab Diallo at the Ecole des Sables, Senegal. It was a fantastic and deeply rooted experience. A literal return to one’s roots. 52 practitioners of Africanist dance gathered to learn from master dancers and master drummers, plus exchange knowledge about various diaspora retentions. It was deeply grounding, deeply spiritual and deeply unifying.

The school is rooted in African movement tradition and hence has a sand studio as well as a studio with western dance floors.

The entire event, like most African events that draw on tradition, started with a libation ceremony. Libation is the offering of water and or alcohol to the ancestors for their blessing (simplified explanation) and is considered the worlds oldest ritual.

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