The Walk Walk

One hour writing about The Walk Walk

I am now going to write for one hour and try to say something about my little project and about my process of it. I find it a bit hard to start, so bare with me. I just have to make my fingers run over the key board. Like making a little dance so I can keep on going with my writing.

When I started this project I didn’t know were to start. But the first day of this workshop Siting choreography in the landscape, we did a sound walk and I really liked that. So I thought I should start with something easy. I will do walking as a starting point for my project, I decided. So I have walked. Quite a lot actually. I don’t have the exact number, but I guess that is not so important.

My first walk alone was a kind of sound walk but it also became something else. It became…well, yes, a walk. It is something nice about walking. I am not sure what, or yes I do know but my thoughts are running wild now, so I just have to keep on going and then I will be right on track again. Yes. The walking is good for many things actually: it is nice to be outside, it is fulfilling to do an activity and walking really makes thoughts emerge (even though they seem to disappear as fast as the come) Such a shame! Because I really had this genius thoughts during my walks, or at least I thought so.

And no my fingers can not go as fast as my head, so now I just have to keep writing and then I will get back to you again. It is really difficult this writing, especially when I know I am going to share this with you tomorrow. This is a rule I made for my work so I have to. I also made rules for my walks. But I broke them all the time. Several times I made a rule that I was going to think of the walk as a performance. I think I did that to justify that I was just walking. It really didn’t feel like work. But when I think about it now, why should it feel like work, working?

This performing the walk didn’t give me much anyway. I got stiff. Everything got stiff, also my thoughts. I was then only thinking: I am performing, I am performing, I am performing. But now I remember something funny happening while I was performing. There is a stage situated, kind of in the middle of the fortress area (oh, I forgot to say that; all my walks, minus one, took place on the grounds of Akershus Fortess) But back to the story. One day I went on this stage. It was raining. A lot. So I had an umbrella in my hand. I entered the stage. Walking kind of slowly (that was another rule) and I stopped in the front in the middle of the stage. And I just stood there for a while performing. I didn’t know what I was performing, but I just pretended that I knew. And people were stopping to see the performance. They even took pictures. And when I think about it, those pictures are the only pictures of me walking (not walking, but standing in my walk).

Because, that was another rule I made for my walk. I did not want the walk to be documented by someone else but my self. Then it would have been about documenting a walk. And for me that is something else. Then I really would have started performing, I think. And The Walk Walk is not about performing. It is about walking. It is about opening up for something to happen. Who knows what The Walk Walk could have turned into if I continued for four more weeks. But, I must admit,I have been shooting 2 videos my self. One video lasts for an hour. I just held my phone in my hand when I did my walk. And of course the fact that I was filming drew my attention almost the hole way. There was another aspect of this walk that also took my attention. I am not going to go very much into that. But on this day there were some fancy happening in the castle with some fancy people needing protection from the police and the army, so this day wasn’t the best day I could have chosen for my documentation…but…since this is pretty much what I have of visual material I have made a little music video out of it. I don’t think it is great, but it is a bit cute. So here it is:

There was something I was thinking of with these horses you see in the end. I remember I was thinking of choreography when I saw them. Partly because a friend of mine recently told me about an artist, which name I cant remember, that had done a choreography with horses and masses of people (I haven’t watched it on youtube yet, so I can’t share more about this now) and partly because at this moment I think I understood something about siting choreography in the landscape. In the beginning of the project I couldn’t nail our working title. Aaaah…this is difficult to explain. I have some writing about this that I did two days ago…I will copy and paste it here when my hour is done.

This is from my Tuesday writing, copy and paste:

Yesterday there were to horses on the fortress. It was two police officers riding them. I remember that I was trying to think of them making a duet. Or they actually were. And I think they kind of was trying to do so. I guess they had this agreement that they would go together and I guess there were rules they had to follow. But is that all there is to choreography? Or is that just what it takes to notice choreography in the landscape? Or is it that when I notice choreography it is me siting it. I decide that this I choreography in the landscape. But if it is as easy as that, then I have to come to the conclusion that everything is choreography in some way. This I don’t find too interesting. It is kind of too easy. But of course I could make choreography out of it, and then I mean art. It is not art until I say it is. Then it is just two horses strolling around in a park. I have to situate it somehow. And I did not do that. I was just watching two horses doing their job. I can notice choreography in the landscape, but it doesn’t do much if I don’t situate it in some way. (I know I am repeating my self several times here)

This reminds me that I might say something more about my methods of working and how I link choreography in to the walking. This is also difficult…but come on keep on writing, something will come, just think about what you said earlier to day, I think it was a bit smart. Omg, I can not say that. But I had to write what I was thinking. Why do I do this!!!!

Methods. I walk with choreography in my mind and a try to apply some of my choreographing thougths and rules/premises in to the walking. How can walking become choreography, or maybe not become choreography, because it already is choreography. I walk in patterns, I am in space/landscape, I do it over time, I do it as a daily practice. But is this all there is to this? I don’t think so. Maybe I have to come back to this if my writing would let me.

I know what just happened here. I started something and then I got this idea about how or what is was going to be and then everything got just all stiff and…….unclear. And that is happening to me a lot. I can´t make choices too early. I have to find the right moment to do so. It is all about timing. Process is about timing in the same way as timing is important in performing. To listen for the right moment to produce or let something happen. And that is also some key words for me. TO LET SOMETHING HAPPEN. I can not always make something happen. I have to put my self in to frames so I can let the choreography happen. (I have no idea how I will think about this tomorrow. It is late at night now) I make excuses now because I think I mean this and then I am afraid that someone will use this against me or something.

I have to go in another direction now. For both your sake and my own. I am thinking of my list I wrote the other day. Trying to sum up things I remembered for my walks. I think I will share them with you.

  • I remember a guy who seemed to be strolling. He did not have so much hair. He had an Iphone in his right hand and he was doing a little dance with it. I remember him sitting down on a bench on top of the fortress area and I remember that our paths met several times. In the end I started to stalk him, or I pretended it was that I was doing. So I guess with did a little dance together.
  • I remember wishing that I had a purple cape and a purple wig as a kind of costume. And then I would have been this strange character walking very slowly through the landscape. It would have been like if I was floating. I imagine it as something a bit beautiful.
  • I remember that every time I came to this place where there is always standing a guard I got a bit afraid. Not afraid of him, but afraid that I would offend him for some reason. I was always trying to remember how the guard from last day looked like, but I couldn’t. So then in my head, it was always the same guard every day.
  • I remember the day when it rained a lot. I walked with an umbrella in my hand and this was the first time I entered the stage that I build in this area. I just stood there in the middle in the front. And this was the only time I got documented (or at least that I know of). (I have already told you this)
  • I remember the day when there were all these security people in the fortress. It made me scared. I was walking with my camera on and I was afraid that the would find my activity threatening and shoot me or something (I really don’t like when the police is equipped with guns. It makes me paranoid)
  • I remember my first walk. I remember I saw a person I know and I remember that I didn’t want to talk to that person, so I pretended that I didn’t see him/her. It was a sunny day.
  • I remember a woman being photographed. She was with two friends or relatives. Anyway, she was posing on a bridge and her friend/relative was telling her how to pose and she was told to pose with her right foot crossed over her left. Smiling of course.
  • I remember the parents helping their toddler to climb some stairs that led to a closed door. I remember that the mother had a yellow raincoat (this one is in the video, maybe I remember it from there)

I remember one more thing I will write for you today:

  • I remember the second walk I did. It was not on the grounds of the fortress, it was on Tjuvholmen. I walked there and then I lay down beside the little beach there. I felt watched. And I remember documenting some thoughts on my phone. (I will listen to them when I am done writing)

I really have no idea about the time. I wish I was almost there, but I am afraid I am not. I remember the end of one walk, maybe it was three days ago, and I was thinking: at least I am getting better to feel time. I know pretty well how long an hour is, I can really feel it coming to an end now. But then I realised that it is not so difficult when the city hall watch is ding-donging every fifteen minutes. So I guess that wasn’t so hard to be good at in this landscape.

Now I continue writing just because my time is not up yet. I wish it were. I feel done now, just as I did walking. One hour is enough. It is long, but still not that long. I have to push my self the last minute to not let my thoughts go in any direction.

The bell is ringing. Thank you.